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Saying Farewell to our unseen angels.

On a sad note, it is unfortunate that one of our beneficiaries who has been a very great advocate for the yonder life had a misfortune befall her. Miss Scovia, who also happens to be the mother to Annet, Grace, and Rose who joined our program and is...

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The journeys we walk. How far are we?

Remember Annet, Grace, and Rose from our sponsor a child yonder education program. Well, here they are! In the past 15 months, we are happy to report that these two kids have made tremendous progress. Rose who was sickly with is now much better due...

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Yonder Life Easter Do in Kyenjojo

In Uganda, public holidays are really held in high regard, with the most anticipated and celebrated being Christmas and the resurrection Sunday holidays. Like in many countries, the days are a time to spend with family and lots of food and have lots...

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He is RISEN in Harugongo Fort Portal 2019

For the very first time in yonder land, we had an Easter party for the Harugongo community where we had over 870 attendees. It was a great and exciting experience engaging with the community and spreading the love of Christ there. Being the first time...

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