He is RISEN in Harugongo Fort Portal 2019

For the very first time in yonder land, we had an Easter party for the Harugongo community where we had over 870 attendees. It was a great and exciting experience engaging with the community and spreading the love of Christ there.

Being the first time the Easter community celebrations were happening in this community, there was an air of excitement and anticipation as it had been a long time since the community gathered together to celebrate anything.

This do was graced by the chairman of the Yonder Life Board Teddy Pamela Kabasinguzi as well as the LC1 and LC3 leaders of the community. This gained us the trust of the community as they saw the leaders they had elected break bread with them and their families, telling stories and jokes as they gathered.

We shared our dream, vision and our Mission of why we were in the place. We encouraged questions about issues they did not understand and suggestions of how they wanted us to add value to their community.

The community welcomed our views and shared with us their life views and experiences. Ever since then, the Yonder office in the area is always busy with the community residents coming in to share with us their challenges and experiences. This response helps us see and find ways of how we can best help and make a difference in this community.

The day was joyful with lots of music, dance, and drama, lots of eating and laughter as well as a friendly soccer match that was played on our new soccer grounds on Yonder land.

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