Our Story

Love that goes beyond

The vision for Yonder Life stemmed from my personal life experience. I was orphaned at a tender age and growing up as a vulnerable child while surviving on the mercies of others inspired me to develop compassion for the children who were suffering like me and vowed to do something about it when I could. As I grew up, I realised that one does not need to have a lot to help others but rather act with love and sincerity and share their lives with the underprivileged. It changes one for the better.

I shared this vision with two amazing friends, Chad and Amy Griffin and their hearts were driven to support it and reach out to as many people as we could and work with them to achieve their life goals. We thought about going further than necessary, “sacrifice beyond sacrifice,” thus Yonder Life. We drew our inspiration from Genesis 22:5 which says, “And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the donkey; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you.”


A transformed community that is self-sustained and healthy


Transforming lives of Orphaned Vulnerable Children and their families through education, psychosocial support, healthcare and agriculture in the whole of Rwenzori region.

Frank Ainemougisha

Founder / Executive Director
My name is Frank Ainomugisha, the founder and executive director of Yonder Life. Growing up as an orphan and lacking most basic needs resulted in missing school for extended periods of time, but I was able to make it to college through the sponsorship of Dianne Ryan Stone from Texas, USA. My main goal is to see that every child attains quality education and lives in a healthy environment that fosters their growth and development.

Chad & Amy Griffin

Founders, Yonder Life USA

Chad and Amy Griffin are the founders of Yonder Life, USA. They live in Fort Worth, Texas and have been married 22 years. They have two beautiful children, Cade and Alaina Griffin.

Chad came to know Frank Aineomugisha through a mutual friend, and over time they became close friends through social media. This friendship helped Frank to achieve his own dreams and in turn created Yonder Life. Through Yonder Life, Chad and Amy committed their family to serve the people of Uganda.

 Chad and Amy are very passionate about seeing the family unit preserved in the communities where Yonder Life serves. Currently, Yonder Life serves in the Rwenzori region of Uganda. Their goal is to work together with local communities to better the lives of underprivileged families and children in the area.

 Through his salvation journey, Chad says “It’s my heart’s desire to demonstrate Christ’s love through loving His people and being the hands and feet of Jesus to them. It’s my greatest joy throughout the past years seeing my family; my dad, my wife, and my children going with me to serve those that need us most.”

Yonder Staff (Uganda)

Teddy Pamela Kabasinguzi

Chairperson, Board of Directors

Sharon Nassozi Aineomugisha

Finance Personnel

Thomas Kabugo Ssali

Projects Co-ordinator

Julius Mugisha

Vice Chairperson, BOD

Gorrett Kusemererwa


Timothy Muhumuza

Social Media Specialist

James Mwanguhya

Social Worker

Joseph Mawejje

Farm Care-taker