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Most children and youth don’t have safe, clean places to spend time in. A place where they are treated with dignity and they can escape the negative influences of their peers. It has been my desire to build an all-purpose building or center to provide a safe environment and also host our indoor activities and events. Your response has been overwhelming and I am pleased to tell you that the exterior of the building is complete and work has started on the interior. We have also started work on the office room.

The Children’s Center is a social and recreational center that is intended for use primarily by the children and youth we support. The center will provide opportunities for the youth to develop their physical and social abilities and to experience achievement, enjoyment and friendship. This will allow us to host many of our programs regardless of the weather. We will have our weekly church services, children’s programs, youth programs and other activities to draw a great number of people.

The center will also be open for use by the community. We will liaise with the local leaders and host their events and community gatherings or meetings. We will also organize programs for physical activities like dances and game playing, socializing, and outdoor play and engage the community through organizing sports competitions to foster a spirit of unity and a sense of belonging among the youth.

The center will not just improve the lives of children and youth. It will lift up the entire community. It is a powerful symbol that our children and families matter and that we care enough to invest in their community.

Thanks again for your wonderful generosity that has made the Children’s Center a reality.

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